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I know my computer is infected with a trojan- please help

I might be infected with Artemis8EA7A0F2B64B (Trojan) and GenericFakeAlert.k (Trojan)

I Might Have A Trojan Virus

I need help after removing a few trojans

I need help in deleting Trojan virus

I need help removing my trojan

I need help removing trogans and getting comuter back

I need help removing trojan

I Need Help With A Trojan/virus? Help

I need help with a trojan

I need help with Combofix log / Trojan infection please

I Need Help With Removing Trojan. Please Help Me

I need some advice on how to remove this virus/trojan/malware i'm not sure what it is.

I really need help lots of trojans

I Removed A Trojan

I seem to be infected by a trojan

I Suspect That My Computer Has Been Infected By A Trojan.

I Think I Got A Trojan Virus

I think I have a trojan but can't scan to remove.

I Think I Have A Trojan Horse Or Virus

I think I have a trojan problem.

I Think I Have A Trojan Or A Backdoor Virus

I think I have a trojan. How do I remove it?

I think I have a trojan/hijack

I Think I Have A Virus And Worm On My Computer

I think I have lots of trojans on my computer how do I remove these?

I think I have what's called a DOS virus?

i think i may be infected with some sort of trojan.

I Think I May Have Trojan.vudno Or Another Trojan

I Think I Removed My Trojan

i think ihave virus/trojans

I think Im infected with the trojan.powerliksgm virus

I think I've got a Trojan help

I think I've got myself a trojan

I think my computer has been infected with a trojan

i want search my pc for trojan

I'm Hit With A Trojan And Can't Remove It

Im Infected With Trojan And Worm

I'm infected. Trojan Generic?

I'm new to this Trojan virus infection stuff

infected - trojan

INFECTED - with trojan or more?

Infected :( - Trojans And Malware And Spyware Oh My

Infected by 2 Trojan Viruses

Infected by a trojan

Infected by some sort of Trojan

Infected by some sort of a trojan

Infected by some trojan?

Infected By Trojan

Infected By Trojan/spyware

Infected by trojan/virus/worm

Infected by Trojan? Need help removing.

Infected by trojans and virusq

Infected by trojans

Infected by Virus/Trojan

Infected Laptop By Trojan

Infected of Trojan Horse.please help.

infected possible trojan/more :|

Infected troj/TDLM3mem

Infected w/ some trojan

Infected w/ Trojan virus

Infected w/ trojan.

Infected With windows Security Center Trojan

Infected With 9 different Trojans Please Help

Infected With A Trojan - Need Help Removing

Infected with a Trojan Please Help

Infected with a trojan

Infected with a Trojan / Spyware

infected with a trojan virus.

Infected With A Virus And 3 Trojans.

Infected with a virus/Trojan/Spyware/or malware that wont let me safe boot

Infected With Andt.sys Trojan

Infected with Banker Virus. Kaspersky AV can't see it

Infected With Bunch Of Trojans

Infected with Cyber Security Trojan

Infected with Email Worm or Trojan?

Infected with Hijacking worm/virus/trojan

Infected with Kryptik.XCM trojan and Cyberbot virus

Infected with lots of trojans

Infected with malaware or trojan

Infected With Malware - Trojan

Infected with malware and trojan

Infected with malware/trojans

Infected With Msn Trojan

Infected with one seriously bad trojan(virus?)

Infected with possible trojan/malware

Infected with possibly multiple trojans etc

Infected with some Trojan

Infected with Spyware/Trojans-Need Help

Infected with System Fix Trojan

Infected With Tojan/spyware

Infected With Torgan Horse Looktome

Infected with trojan

Infected with Trojan - Can't remove

INFECTED With Trojan /Storm plz help

Infected with trojan agrent_r AOB

Infected with trojan and Malware

Infected with Trojan and need removal.

infected with trojan -bthser.dll

Infected With Trojan Dialler

Infected with trojan FakeInit and can't get rid of it

infected with trojan generic4612352

Infected with Trojan Horse Program Deleted(Virus)

Infected With Trojan Horse Virus

Infected with Trojan Horses

Infected With Trojan Malware

Infected with Trojan or spyware

Infected with Trojan Malware Virus

Infected with Trojan Virus

Infected With Trojan Virus And Possibly A Few Others

Infected with Trojan virus Disables computer if removed. Need Help.

Infected With Trojan Virus And Malware Is On My Home Page

Infected With Trojan Viruses

Infected With Trojan(s)

Infected with Trojan.BCMiner and ZAccess

Infected with trojan/spyware

Infected with Trojan/Virus (Help)

Infected with trojan/worm

Infected with Trojans

infected with Trojans & Worms

Infected with trojans cant remove

Infected with Trojans and Malware

Infected with Trojans and Viruses

infected with trojans and spyware

Infected with Trojans Help

Infected with Trojans. Can't remove (RUext.dll and others)

Infected with trojans/viruses. Cannot figure it out.

Infected With Trokan

INFECTED with various Trojan

Infected with various trojans

Infected with various viruses / trojans

Infected With Virus Burst/virus Busters Trojan Horse

Infected with Virus or Trojan [Laptop computer]

Infected with viruses/trojans

Infected with viruses and trojans

Infected with who knows what - ?Trojan(s)

Infected with windows defender trojan virus

Infected With Worm - Systemerrorfixer

Infected Wtih Trojans

Infected?and cant get rid of trojan. Need help

Infecter With Trojan

Infection by a malware/trojan - please help

Infection with some sort of trojan or something - not sure what to do

Infection. haxfix detects khjeh - is it a trojan?

Infested with trojans. Need help

Home Computer Infected With Trojan

How Do I Get Rid Of My Trojan Virus?

How do I remove Trojans?

I Cannot Get Rid Of A Puper Trojan

I got a Trojan

I Have Trojan Cant Remove

I Have Trojan Problem.

I think I have trojan(s) and mal ware

Infected By Trojan Downloaders on Tablet

Infected With A Trojan That I Cannot Get Rid Of

Infected with Injector.GT trojan and possibly Defiler

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