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I need help Redirects while doing google search

I need serious help with a redirect virus

I need so help please - google redirect virus

I seem to have the Google redirect thing

i seem to have probles with Google re-direct and cant remove it

I still get redirected

I still have the google redirect virus.

I suspect I have google redirect virus?

I think computer is infected with a redirect virus.

I think I am hijacked or have a virus

I think I am infected with the Google Redirect

I think i had google redirect and now computer reboots randomly

I think I have a Google redirect virus.maybe something more?

I think I have a google redirect virus

I think I have a redirect virus.

I think I have a redirect malware

I think I have a redirector problem

I Think I Have A Search Redirector PLEASE HELP

I think I have at least a redirect virus. My antivirus is useless.

I think I have Google Redirect

I think I have the Chrome redirect virus (Screenshots)

I think I have the redirect virus

I think i have the google redirect virus.

I think I have the google redirect virus pls help me

I think I have the Search Engine Redirect virus. Do I?

I THINK I MAY HAVE A VIRUS?.search engine problems

I think my browser is being redirected

I think my computer a virus or somesort of a highjack on it- Need your help

I think my computer is infected with google redirector malware

I too getting redirected from goggle links

i too have a redirect infection

I too have that google redirect

I would Like to run ComboFix-but first- is there an expert to review the log?

I.E. re-directing to weird websites

icityfind.com has taken over my browser. how to remove?

IE - Firefox redirection - google search

IE & FF Redirecting to Random Sites

IE & Firefox being redirected following removal of Internet Security 2010 infection

IE & Firefox Redirect

IE & Firefox redirect from google results

IE & Firefox Redirects.

IE / Google / Gmail Problems - Virus?

IE & MFF Browser Redirect Virus

IE + Firefox Searches Keep Redirect

Ie 6 Browser Search Redirected

IE 7 and firefox Broswer redirecting

IE 7 Browser Redirect Problem

IE 7 redirect Malware help needed

IE 7 redirects to random websites

IE 8 opening muliple windows/google search getting redirected


IE 8 redirected searches

IE 8 redirect - google searches and opening new popups

IE 9 Redirects - MBAM

IE and FF both being redirected

IE and fire fox redirects to unwanted sites.

IE and Firefox being redirected from Google Search

IE and FF redirecting aftering doing a google search

IE and Firefox are redirected

IE and Firefox Google Results Hijacked

IE and firefox google redirect virus

IE and Firefox links redirected

IE and Firefox links being hijacked

IE and Firefox Redirect Virus

IE and Firefox redirect

IE and Firefox redirects to unwanted websites

IE and Firefox redirecting every single link

IE and Firefox redirects to different homepage

IE and Firefox redirected

IE and Firefox redirecting to random(?) sites

IE and Firefox redirecting when I click on a link in Google

IE and Firefox redirects

IE and Firefox Repeatedly Redirecting All Search Results

IE and Google Search Being Redirected

IE and Mozilla being Redirected

IE and Search result redirect virus

IE and now also Firefox Redirect Malware

IE being redirected to many different sites

IE being redirected

IE auto launching and links redirecting in google to ad sites.

IE Borwser keeps Redirecting-->> HELP PLEASE.

Ie Browser - Web Site Redirect

IE Browser Google Redirection

IE Browser HiJack when Searching w/ Google/Bing

IE Browser Hijack - Being Redirected and Random IE Windows

IE browser redirct/hijack issue

IE Browser Hijacked. Redirects to random sites/search sites

IE Browser redirection (after virus/malware removal)

IE browser redirect virus

IE Browser redirect

ie browser redirect problem

Ie Browser Redirects

IE Constantly Redirecting

IE Constantly Redirecting to Pages I Cannot close

IE google redirect problem

IE Google Redirect(chrome and firefox are fine)

IE Google Searches Redirect to Spam

IE Google and Bing Searches Being Redirected

IE Google searches being redirected

IE Google Search Redirect

IE Google search redirecting to yellowise and other sites

IE Google/Bing search result redirected

Ie Homepage Virus?

IE Homepage Redirected

IE Infected with google redirect virus

IE in Windows 7 Redirecting

IE instantly closing and google redirection

IE is Hijacked whenever search results are clicked

IE is redirecting to me to different sites when typed in address bar

IE is redirecting and pop up websites

Ie Jumps/redirects To Random Pages From Google Search Results

IE keeps redirecting and not allowing any page to open

IE Keeps Redirecting Me

IE keeps redirecting

Ie Keeps Redirecting My Hompage And Other Website Links

IE links getting redirected Help Please

IE opens automatically & Google redirects me

IE opens random windows and also hijacks Google results

IE or FireFox redirecting my search to a different websites is this a Virus or Trojan?

IE pages redirected to 'This website may be harmful

IE pop ups & Google re-directing.

IE pop up while using FF and Google results being redirected

IE Popup and IE redirect virus

IE Popups and Google redirect

IE Redirect after XP reinstall

IE Randomly Opens New Window and Redirects

IE Redirect and New IE Window Virus

IE redirect

IE Redirect issue

IE Redirect Malware

IE redirect issue - need help

IE redirect from various sites

ie redirect on my laptop

IE redirect to google---vundo infection?

IE re-direct

IE Redirect problems from Google.

IE Redirect problem.

IE Redirected

IE redirected Links

IE redirect problems with Google

IE re-direct when searching

IE redirect virus

IE re-direct virus

IE redirect to random site to Google?

IE redirect/ rootkit malware?

Ie Redirected To Other Website

IE redirect/Antivirus programs won't scan

IE Redirected to Adware site(s) on search

IE Redirecting and Cant download any antivirus online Scans

IE redirecting searches

IE Redirecting Searchers With Pop-Ups

IE Redirecting

IE redirecting to google in windows update and other problems

IE redirection from search results

IE ReDirects - Ran Malwayre Bytes Anti Malware

Ie Redirects

IE Redirects and Anti-Malware blocked

ie redirector and possible rootkit

IE re-directs etc

IE redirects to random site

IE redirects Problem

IE redirects to ads on search results and Gmer restarts computer each time

IE Redirects search pages

IE redirects to unselected web sites when googling

IE redirects to different website

IE redirects to random sites

IE redirects to random sites when clicking on links

IE search redirect bug

IE Search Engine results are redirected

IE Search Results Redirected to Ads

IE search redirects every 4th time

IE spyware redirect at google search

Ie Sites Not Opening Or Being Redirected

Ie Start Page Redirected

IE Takeover virus

IE Web Search Redirects

Ie Virus Problems

IE*8 redirects and other issues

IE/Chrome Browser Redirect

IE/FF Browser Redirect

IE/ Firefox infection

IE/Firefox Google Search Hijacked / unknown infection

IE/Firefox Google Redirect

IE/Google redirect and other issues

IE/Google redirect when opening in a new tab

IE/Firefox Search redirections and a few other issues

IE/Firefox redirection problem

IE/Mozilla/Chrome Redirect Virus in google searches

IE/Google Redirect/Etc.

IE/Google re-direct infection

Ie: Random Redirections

IE+FF: win32/parite & google redirection issues

Ie6 Brower Search Links Being Redirected To Other Sites

IE7 and firefox redirecting

IE7 Browser being redirected after Google search

IE7 Browser Re-Direct

IE7 keeps redirecting

Ie7 Malicious Redirection

Ie7 Redirect - I Think I Am Infected And I Have No Clue. Help

Ie7 Redirect Problem

IE7 random redirects

IE7 redirects to IE7 download page when opened

IE7 Redirection Problem

Ie7 Redirects From Search Results

IE8 Browser redirects links

IE8 Google Redirect Infection on XP SP3

IE8 is redirected when search link is selected ~ Please help.

IE8 Redirect Virus and termdd.sys.vir infection

IE8 redirect. virus/malware?

IE8 Redirect Malware to Phishing Site INFECTION [Moved]

IE8 search is getting redirected

IE8-Unrequested Popups/Redirects

IE9 Google Results are redirecting


IE9/Google link redirect issue

IExplore Redirecting

Iexplore/firefox redirect.

iexplorer background and google redirect

iexplorer keeps redirecting

iExplorer opens on its own. iExplorer and Firefox redirects.

iexplorer redirects

iexplorer redirecting to random pages

ifecting with TDSS and google keep redirecting

igoogle homepage redirects to other sites?

Igoogle search results redirect

igoogle redirect virus

i'm also having the ridirect from google to get-answers

I'm Another: Infected with Antivirus System Pro and search engines are redirecting

I'm being redirected to random web pages

I'm getting redirected by Google

Im Guessing Rootkit Trouble

I'm have the Google search redirect virus. What do I do?

I'm infected with a redirect virus. How do I get rid of it?

Im infected with a dedirect virus help please

I'm infected with TDSS or some redirection variant

Im sure im infected - Firefox Google

Imgag Redirector and other pesky viruses/malware

IMPOSSIBLE to kill Google Redirect Virus

Impossible to Remove Trojan or Malware - Google Redirect

incorrect google searches - antivirus?

Indestructible redirect virus

Inernet explore is getting redirected and programs not responding

Ineternet Explorer Redirect from google searches

Inexperienced--> Google Redirect

Infeced Machine - Google Links Redirected

Infectd with TDDS and Google keeps redirecting

Infect with ? google redirect?

Infected - browser redirect unable to open certain programs

Infected - Google redirect and other things.

Infected - Google Redirect?

Infected - Firefox/Chrome google redirects.

Infected - Google Searches Redirected

Infected - Google Search redirect

Infected - Internet Searches Redirected

Infected - Link redirecting

Infected - maybe malware - search engines redirect and popups

Infected - redirects in IE

Infected - Redirect on Firefox Google searches

Infected - Several Issues including search redirecting

Infected - Started with Google Redirecting

infected - search links redirecting

Infected - URL Redirection/Popups and Win Firewall Settings

Infected - unknown cause- chdsk and defrag not working; web pages redirected ?

Infected- Privacy Protection Google keeps redirecting Firewall can't turn on

Infected (Not positive by what) Google Search Results Redirecting

Infected (sigh) again - FF redirects to various sites

Infected / Browser redirects

Infected : Google redirections + ad and search engine popup

Infected ? search results redirected

Infected and browser keeps redirecting

Infected and Google Keeps Redirecting

Infected and google keeps redirecting and homepage changes to different languages

Infected and internet searches all redirect

Infected and Google/Bing Keeps Redirecting


Infected Browser

Infected Browser Redirect Problem

Infected Browser Search results HiJack

Infected by Windows Repair and probable TDSS Infection with google redirect

infected by a google redirect

Infected By A Redirect Virus

Infected by a re-direct virus. Please help

Infected by AntiVirus System Pro - Google Search Results Hijacked

Infected by Browser malware

infected by Browser Malware - totaladperformance.com et al.

infected by browser redirect

Infected by Google redirect

Infected by GALA redirect virus/trojan

Infected by Google Hijack Mallware/Virus:

Infected By Google Redirect Virus (?)

Infected by google Redirect Virus : Need Help

Infected By Malware - Http://%%20%20 Prefix In Front Of Any Url In Browser

Infected by Search engine redirect and reboot on shutdown

Infected by Search Engine Redirects

Infected by something that redirect google searches

Infected by the google redirect virus and possibly others

Infected by unknown malware redirecting search results

Infected by very stubborn browser hijack/redirect

Infected causing redirects

Infected computer - Google keeps redirecting

Infected Computer With Somekind Of Redirect Virus

Infected Computer. Search engine redirect

Infected get random clicking when connect to internet

Infected Google search is redirecting links

Infected Google Redirect Virus

Infected Happili Redirect in Google Chrome

infected google redirects

Infected MBR/ Browser redirect

Infected PC - Google keeps redirecting

Infected PC Google Redirect Virus and others?

Infected PC - redirects Google links

Infected Random Google Redirect

Infected redirection virus

infected redirect to infomash using Explorer on Vista

infected redirect google virus

Infected Rootkit & Google redirects me

infected redirecting pop ups

Infected Rootkit; Google Links Re-directing

Infected pc Redirecting internet

Infected system antivirus not starting & web redirecting

Infected system re-directed browser

Infected search engines keep redirecting

Infected Virus and Now I can't use google.com on google chrome

Infected w malware that redirects google search results

Infected w Rootkit virus/Browser redirect/Tidserv

Infected w/ Happili Trojan and Google Keeps Redirecting

Infected w/ Google redirector & possibly others

Infected w/ Google Redirect Virus

Infected w/ Redirect Virus

Infected w/ redirects

Infected w/ TDSS & Google keeps redirecting

Infected w/Google Redirecting Virus

Infected w/search engine redirect virus/malware

Infected w/something that redirects my IE @ startup

Infected w/Windows XP Recovery w/google redirecting

Infected Web Browsers Need help removing them

Infected with Abnow redirect virus

Infected with Google redirect virus

Infected with Jumping/Redirecting. Effects my internet explorer.

Infected with search-milk.net redirecting virus

Infected with Security Protection and Google keeps redirecting

Infected with softput.com and Google keeps redirecting

Infected with (listed below) Trojans & Google keeps redirecting

Infected with (i don't know the name) google search hijacker?

Infected with ? and Google keeps redirecting

Infected with ? and Google redirects

infected with ? was asked to redirect to this forum for help

infected with 9newstoday google redirect

infected tdss 565/hiloti redirects in google

Infected with a browser hijack - Search engine re-direct

Infected with a browser redirector

Infected with a browser redirect virus

Infected with a browser redirect bug

Infected with a browser virus

Infected with a browser redirect virus of some sort

Infected with a Google / Firefox / IE Redirector?

infected with a google / browser redirect

infected with a Google redirect malware (name unknown)

Infected with a Google Search Virus

infected with a Google redirect virus

Infected With A Google Redirecting Virus

Infected with a Hijacking virus

Infected with a malware google keeps redirecting to xp virus remove which is bogus

Infected with a nasty Google Redirect

Infected with a pixlestatservice browser redirect

Infected with a redirect bug - redirects on Google search results

Infected with a redirect virus?

infected with a redirecting virus

Infected with a redirecting virus - I think

Infected with a re-direct malware.

Infected with a redirection (Toonagernhig)

Infected with a redirect

Infected with a Search Engine Redirect / Weird Process

Infected with a search engine redirect virus

infected with a search redirect

infected with a search redirect bug

infected with a tdss and google keeps redirecting

Infected with a version of google redirect virus - need help

infected with a very stubborn rediret virus

Infected with a virus that keeps redirecting Google search

Infected with a search redirect virus & spontaneous IE windows

Infected with a virus that redirects Google

Infected with a virus that seems to block Google and Google Chrome

Infected with a virus/malware & Google keeps redirecting

Infected with a Websearch browser redirector - Google search results redirected to ad site

Infected with ADDS and google redirecting

Infected with adware/browser redirector

Infected with an unknown trojan preventing updates to antivirus and causing google redirects

Infected with annoying search engine redirect malware possibly Olmarik.JU trojan

Infected with Antimalware doctor - google redirect - popups

Infected with Antimalware Doctor. Tried removing with Malwarebytes. Google now redirects

Infected with antimalware doctor popups and browser redirects

Infected with Antivirus .NET & redirect virus

Infected with Antivir Pro and browser redirects

Infected with Antivirus System Pro and search engines are redirecting

Infected with bizcoaching.info-redirects and popups in all browsers

Infected with Bootkit of a redirect virus

Infected with brower/search redirection

Infected with browser hijacker that redirects searches to a fake yahoo page

Infected with Browser redirect

Infected with browser redirect malware

Infected with browser redirect malware; similar to TDSS

Infected with Browser Redirect Virus

Infected with Browser redirect virus and possibly more?

Infected with browser redirect virus - think its removed but unsure

Infected with browser redirect rootkit/virus

infected with browser redirect virus/trojan

Infected with browser redirection

Infected with browswer redirect/popup (mylpgen)

Infected with CloudScolut all link redirect in IE

Infected with DDS and Google keeps redirecting.

Infected with directrdr.com redirection malware

Infected with Easy A-Z Search Google Redirect

Infected with fake Vista Repair and google redirect

Infected with Firefox and IE search redirect virus

Infected with funcsearch.net and google redirects

Infected with Gogle redirect virus (TDSS)

Infected with goingonearth google redirect?

Infected with GoingOnEarth Keep Redirecting Browsers

infected with goingonearth virus & google keeps redirecting do not know how to remove it

Infected with goingonearth virus and Google keeps redirecting

infected with goingonearth virus & google keeps redirecting

Infected with Goodle keeps redirecting

Infected with Google Hijack

Infected with Google HiJack virus (clicking search results redirects to strange websites)? possible wdmaud.drv problem?

Infected with Google keeps redirecting

Infected with Google link redirect problem /AVG9 show Admarketplace infection

Infected with google direct & other stuff

Infected with Google Hijack virus

Infected with Google misdirect malware

Infected with Google link redirection virus activity

Infected with Google Redirect

Infected with google redirect - happili malware.

Infected with Google Link Hijacker

Infected with Google links redirect

Infected with Google Redirect & recurring Cognac

Infected with Google Redircting Virus

Infected With Google Redirect (?) After ThinkPoint Infection/Removal

Infected with Google Redirect (and maybe more)

Infected with Google redirect (and random ads open)

Infected with Google Redirect (happili

Infected with Google Redirect / Search Engine Redirect Malware

Infected with Google Redirect / Windows Recovery

Infected with google redirect / rootkit ?

Infected with Google Redirect + background IE launching to ad sites

Infected with Google Redirect bug and maybe other malware

Infected with google redirect and popups

Infected with google redirect issue.

Infected with Google redirect Malware

Infected with google redirect and more

Infected with Google Redirect Virus (? I think)

Infected with Google redirect for 6+ months.

Infected with google redirect trojan

Infected with Google Redirect and possibly more

Infected with Google re-direct virus

Infected with google redirect virus (windows 7)

Infected with Google Redirect virus (DDS won't run)

Infected with Google Redirect Virus - out of ideas

infected with Google redirect virus and can't remove

Infected with Google redirect virus (websearch)

Infected with Google redirect virus .NEED HELP

Infected with Google Redirect Virus Windows XP

Infected with Google redirect virus on all home network computers

infected with google redirect virus. please help.

Infected with Google Redirect Virus/Trojan

Infected with Google redirect when searching

Infected with google redirect worm

Infected with Google Redirect Virus. What can I do?

Infected with Google Redirect Virus/Malware

Infected with Google redirect virus. (Happili

Infected with Google Redirect/ Google Analytics Redirect

Infected with google redirecting virus/Trojan?

Infected with Google Redirect Virus-Windows Vista

Infected with Google redirector

Infected with Google redirection malware

infected with google redirect. Need more advanced help (thread from what do I do forum)

Infected with google redirects and other viruses

Infected with google redirecting malware.

Infected with Google Redirect/IE Browser Hijack

Infected with Google search redirect malware

infected with google search redirect virus

Infected with Google search results redirect / Fake antivirus

Infected with google.com redirect malware

Infected with google/bing/yahoo etc redirect virus and un able to search

Infected with Goolgle Redirect

Infected with Google5 browser redirect

Infected with Google/Browser Redirect/Hi-jack - I think?

Infected with google-analytics redirect/trojan

Infected with Google-Search Analytics Virus

infected with googole redirect virus

Infected with Hapili Google keeps redirecting

Infected with Happili* redirect

Infected with Happili/Scour

Infected with Happili Trojan - Search redirects

Infected with Happili Google Redirect malware

Infected with Happili Virus and Get Google Redirects

Infected with happili/vundo I think and searches redirect

Infected with Hijack.FolderOptions and a Google Hijack/Redirect

Infected with hotfix and redirect virus

Infected with IE / Google redirect virus

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