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i need help fixing my computer

I need help w/ my slow computer. I think I've been hacked.

I need help:( Something is wrong with my computer and not sure what.

I Still Thnik Im Infected

i think i have a hacker or virus please help

I think I have been infected by an altjabber.

i think i have something slowing my computer

I think I've been highjacked

I think I've been hijacked

I think my computer has a virus and it won't let me do anything about it

I think my computer has been compromised

i think my computer is all jacked up

I Think My Computer Is Going To Crash Need Advice

I think my computer is being hi-jacked

I think my pc might be hijacked

I think my pc was hijacked.

I think some one tapped into my computer

I think someone has put a BACKDOOR on my Pc

I think someone hacked my pc files

I think someone is remotely accessing my computer

I think something got a hold of my computer

I think there's something wrong with my computer.

i think there's something wrong. with my pc

I think they hacked me.and introduced keyloggers and stuff

Im being hijacked/using windows xp

Im being targeted by a hacker need help

I'm getting hacked

I'm having problems with my computer.

im losing control of my computer. need help with FRST logs

I'm sure I have a hacker living in my computer

In My Computer

Incd Crashes My Computer

Infected computer and complaints received

Infected with Secure AntiVirus Pro & Probably other things.

Infected with Virtemundo (I think)

Infected: Run Norton

Infections That Are Controling My Computer

Intermitten radio station bleeding thru my pc

Internet Explorer randomly opens and weird music plays

Internet provider received complaint my computer scanning other computers

Internet Radio playing in background of computer

Intrusion on my computer

Home network acts like under hacking attemp?

How do I get control of my laptop back?

I Need Help Idnetifying/killing Whatever Is On My Computer

I think my computer is being controlled by a remote admin

iexplorer.exe starts twice and plays unwanted music

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