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I think I am infected - Internet explorer not working.

I think I have a virus that's cutting internet access.

IE opening different pages than clicked-- DNS changer?

IM Connectivity Problems - Spyware Related?

I'm infected with trojanclicker.agent.ngf my internet access is completely blocked

Infected - no internet connection

Infected & Internet connection issues

Infected & no IE connection

Infected and lost internet connections

Infected And No Internet

Infected causing network failure and ie redirecting

Infected every time i connect to internet

Infected Internet Connection?

Infected Laptop and No Internet Connection

Infected Notebook and no internet access

Infected Windows 7 Antivirus 2012 Malware: Problem with wifi printer + accessing internet

infected with virus protection blocking ie

Infected with ColorMedia and unable to use WiFi

Infected with 'Internet Security' and unable to boot on any safe mode

Infected with Internet Security Blocking me from accessing the Internet

Infected with no internet access

Infected with several viruses - can't connect to internet

Infected with some kind of malware that interupts my internet connection

Infected with something blocking AV sites on my computer

Infected with Trojan / Internet not working

Infected with Trojan.Heur & No Browser Connectiong

Infected with UNKNOWN virus & Wont let me access RUN

Infected with virus which blocks internet connection

Infected: Cannot visit microsoft or AV sites

Infected? can't access Internet

Infected? No internet

Infection disables access to internet and antivirus

Infection not allowing IE7 to work

Infection.cannot Log On Using Internet Card

infection? Can't connect to internet

Inprivate blocks me/plus can't run Malaware

Intermittently losing internet connection - Suspect Virus

Internet access affected in IE

Internet access blocked while on VPN

Internet Access disabled.

Internet access

Internet Access Blocked By Malware

Internet Access Blocked

Internet access not working due to Virus removal

Internet Access at Work

Internet access is blocked

Internet access with IE but not Firefox on laptop connected via wireless router

Internet access shuts down right after login

Internet Access interfering malware

Internet and antivirus stooped working

Internet Being Blocked

Internet Blocked after Attempted Malware Removal

Internet Blocked

Internet blocked by firewall?

Internet blocked & Firewall disabled

Internet Blocking Virus

Internet Connected But No Access/ Infection

Internet connection blocked

Internet connection crippled by unknown malware/trojans

Internet Connection Blocked on XP Machine After Removing Virus

Internet Connection Disabled (due to virus?)

Internet Connection In safe mode only. Am I infected?

internet connection whit virus :S

Internet Connection Virus?

Internet connectivity gone after removing Internet Security

Internet Drop on XP Box but Network still accessible

Internet Explorer Infected. Cannot Access websites. PLEASE HELP

Internet issues post severe Virus infection

Internet Not Working/igfxcui deleted/Virus?

Internet Problem Caused By Virus

Internet problems after virus attack

Internet Problems - Possible Infection?

Internet Speed Monitor Virus Help

Internet stopped working due to virus

Internet Stops Working After Visiting Webpage

internet stopped working. maybe malware?

Internet trouble .due to virus/trojan what ?

Internet Virus Problem

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