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however, misspelled words often make for interesting reading……. quovadis123 Does the PEBKAK run in safe mode? pulled it apart and cleaned it thoroughly. LazarheaD BTW, guys, I know a PC of my friends that has been infected so bad with something that Malwarebytes refuses to quarantine even one of the infections. weblink

gurlzone Holy crap! There is a growing trend where people try and make every day language into acronyms because of SMS text messaging and similar things that have a heavy limitation on message size. And I dont want to change my email address as I use it for business too. Aaaarg!

You can't reset it until you turn the extension off. Today's liberals seek to EXPAND the role of government. Young gay and bisexual men were less likely, however, to report being taught about AIDS or HIV in school, according to the CDC."The AIDS epidemic seems very remote to young people,"

In the last few years, a lot has changed in the way we treat hepatitis C. By looking at the number of people diagnosed with HIV or AIDS, as well as how sick patients were when they were diagnosed, the researchers could make a "back-calculation" to estimate You might have the "UPDATE" virus. Thank you!Smart+Strong Staff SectionsDeseret NewsUtah UtahDon't know what's causing your infection?

That figure is based on data from the 41 states (plus the District of Columbia) where at least 60 people were diagnosed with HIV each year between 2008 and 2012, on No real conservative (ala Trump or Cruz) ever invented anything, they spend all their time trying to put the genie back in the bottle. can anyone tell me what's wrong? useful source When I got to college, it was pretty much scare tactics from the health department.” Part of King’s job with ELITE is to find creative ways to talk to young people

Mohamad Haider Hi Guys THW biggest security hole is Windows 10, i Would say its Fall by Design. I was kinda trying to get some actual thinking going instead of the name calling when Bubbawubbagump called someone a "fascist" indicating their disagreement with him was indicative of their ignorance judybug89 I know this because I been a loose nut for years! So long Malwarebytes.

If you’re trying to get the message out there, people have to relate to the message. Socialism, the philosophy embraced by the political party called communism, has been tried fervently for a long time, and proven a failed system everywhere it was tried. EllaFino Wow you sure don't dispel the stereotypical IT help desk worker. My friend.

As a senior IT geek… I took a long time to live that one down…:) I have seen the enemy, and he is us. have a peek at these guys Among sexually active students, young gay or bisexual men were more likely to have used alcohol or drugs before their last sexual experience and were less likely to have used a The survey will appear at the end of your visit. Whatdoyknow Yep 01, very true.

Geez what happened to INET users sense of humor? Still unacceptable to moi. A spammer or virus is simply forging your return address. http://tagnabit.net/infected-w/infected-w-uuzvke-exe.php I can't run a scan and do any work at the same time so I've had to disable it running daily scans and only run one when I won't be using

I have checked everything in facebook, no app or anything strange is activated in my profile. It is why I wanted to be involved.” Using real-world sample data collected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and University of Utah hospitals, researchers put Taxonomer to the I use Sophos for my protection and run Malwarebytes occasionally.

Jacobus Pienaars Why did he say "computer"?

jordan london You also don't know grammar - "your" instead of "you're", and "to" instead of "too". on President Trump 4 Silicon Valley CEO coach explains why you shouldn't say 'um' and the idea of 'radical candor' 5 As 'designated survivor,' Hatch was far from Trump inauguration View Nov. 27 About 60% of teens and young adults with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, have no idea that they're infected, according to aPost to FacebookMost young people with HIV Yandell estimated the cost of using Taxonomer at around $2,000 per test.

Close one, another one opens. DaBoss So is an oxymoron a really big version of the standard moron. Pointing them out as though that makes you appear intellectual or special in some way, is just small minded and petty. http://tagnabit.net/infected-w/infected-w-backdoor-bot.php haydaze I don't know how the comments got twisted around to politics, the article is about malware and ransomeware.

Gordon And it felt kinda good Christine Flapp Since I have the PREMIUM edition 5 yrs, so far no virus problems-best protection on the market. This is one of those leet things where numbers and letters are used interchangeably. Very entertaining. Socialism is not just an economic system.

How this is accomplished is the problem. Accepting them as truth, when I know them to be blatant falsehoods is the real problem. Not only did I learn "lots ‘o stuff" about malware, ransomware, browser redirection, pop-ups, web browser freeze, and bounced emails …..