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Infected /w Trojan.zlob

Infected w gala search hijacker

Infected W Surf Sidwkick Mrfindalot.com

Infected w IGUARDPC

Infected W Popupsearches And Green Highlites

Infected w Smart Engine

Infected w Rootkit.tdss which caused BSOD

Infected w Trojan.Agent and Backdoor.Bot

Infected W/ imsmn.please Help

Infected w/ a Variant of Win32/Reveton.R trojan

Infected W/ Adware.purityscan

Infected W/ Ad.firstsolution.com Adware/malware

Infected W/ Ad.yieldmanager.com

Infected w/ antivirus system pro

Infected w/ Antivirus System Pro Please review hijackthis log

Infected W/ Backdoor-cvt

Infected w/ Backdoor.bot

Infected w/ ArcCon.ac-Entry Point Not Found

Infected W/ Amaena.com Winantispyware Popup @ Startup

Infected w/ antivirus xp pro 2009 and other malware

Infected w/ Exploit Blackhole Exploit & Trojan Sheur3

Infected W/ Core.cache.dsk - Hjtlog

Infected w/ Gen

Infected w/ Fake Windows Security and/or BackDoor.Tdss.565

Infected w/ Ertfor

Infected w/ Generic.dxbx

Infected w/ Hacktool.Rootkit

Infected W/ Fbrowsingadvisor

Infected w/ Hiloti trojan?

Infected W/ I Don't Know What

Infected w/ Koobface and Vundo-Please Help/ Computer 1

Infected w/ matware. antivirus7

Infected W/ Lphctajj0er87 Virus

Infected w/ Microsoft.com

Infected w/ PDFKA virus - Your help requested

Infected w/ Posertm

Infected w/ not-a-virus:RiskTool.Win32.Deleter.f + I think I have a Bot

Infected w/ PAK_Generic.001

Infected w/ Personal Defender 2009.HELP

Infected w/ Rootkit from XP Security 2012

Infected w/ Rogue.Installer and Rogue.winAntivirus

Infected W/ Smitfraud C

Infected w/ Spyware Guard 2008

Infected W/ Storageprotector.com Fake Windows Icons On Desktop

Infected W/ Spyaxe.please Help

Infected W/ Spy Sheriff

Infected w/ Trojan Horse PSW Online Games

Infected w/ Troj/Virtum-Gen

Infected W/ Tr/vundo.gen

Infected w/ Troj rustok-n bug

Infected w/ trojan.gen

Infected w/ TR/crypt.xpack.gen

Infected w/ Trojan.zeroaccessinf

Infected w/ trojan: NewJuan/vm

Infected w/ Trojan.small

infected w/ trojan-vundo.h

Infected w/ TrojanGen2 :( help appreciated

Infected W/ [email protected]

Infected W/ Trojan.winup

Infected w/ troj_vundo.anl aka vundo virus

Infected W/ Virusprotect 3.8

Infected w/ TS-2009 on Nov.11/08

Infected w/ unknown trojan

Infected W/ Virtumonde And Others.help

Infected w/ Vundo

Infected w/ Trojan.zeroaccessinf Cannot Remove

Infected W/ Uuzvke.exe

Infected w/ Win64/Sirefef.AH

Infected w/ Vundo and possibly others

infected w/ W32.Mezitinf and need manual removal.

infected w/ vundo & trace

Infected w/ Win64:Sirefef-A[Trj]

Infected w/ XP antivirus 2012 and then some

Infected w/ XP Total Security

Infected w/ Zekos rpcss.dll Patched

Infected w/ Java/CVE-2008-5353.C

INFECTED W/ Win32/Cryptor

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