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Infected by -Kitty at it :p and fake Kaspersky v8

Infected by Save.exe or Mirar

Infected by mail.ru

infected by stopbadsites.com and cant remove it

infected by system tool

Infected By *attention User: Some Dangerous Trojans Detected.*

Infected by Security Antivirus and possibly hijacked

Infected by Kryptik.ax trojan

Infected by

Infected by 0.exe

Infected by 7picUploader.exe rootkit

Infected by a Proxy-thing

Infected by a trojan.gen.2.

Infected By A Vundo Variant

Infected By Abetterinternet.aurora

Infected by ad.xtendmedia.com

Infected By A Win32.trogan

Infected by Ads by EnormouSales

Infected by About:Blank and erratic mouse

Infected by an unknown malware

Infected by ADS by name or luu.lightquartrate

Infected By Adware.cinmus

Infected by adultcameras.info Popup

Infected by Anti Spyware Soft

Infected by Adcash (clickjack)

Infected by Alureon.a and Rootkit.Boot.Pihar.c

Infected by Ads.Xtendmedia.com Browser Hijacker (& forced ads)

Infected By Adware.smartdove

Infected By An Unknown Trojan

infected by AntiSpy Protector 2009 need help

Infected By Antispywaremaster

Infected By Antivirus 2008 Pro

Infected by Antivirus Pro 2009

Infected By Antivirus Gold

Infected by AntiVirus PLUS

Infected by Antivirus System Pro

Infected by antivirus 2010

infected by antivirus soft with DDS and attach

Infected By Avkiller.c And Delf.amb And More.

Infected By Antivirus Xp / Blue Joke Screen

Infected by b.exe how to remove it

infected by b.exe and c.exe

Infected By Antivirus Xp 2008

infected by antiviruspro 2009

Infected by Antivirus XP 2010

infected by backdoor tidserv inf

infected by apiqq.exe

Infected by ArcadeWeb and currently trying to remove

Infected By Awola 6.0 And Could Really Use Some Help Removing It

Infected By Autorun.vbs Virus Need Help

Infected by b.exe

Infected By Backdoor.hupigon & G_server2006.dll

Infected by Backdoor.Win64.ZAccess.aj [Computer 2]

Infected By Backdoor.win32.ircbot.st (kaspersky)

Infected by Backdoor.Tidservinf

Infected by BChelper.exe browser companion?

Infected by Bagle?

infected by BrO_AcT

infected by bagel

infected by BHO.KZZ trojan

Infected By Cid Popup

Infected by Bredolab.AA

Infected By Cid Popup. Again

infected by Conduit and its associated ilk.mixi.dj

Infected by CryptoWall 3.0

Infected by CinPlus-2.4c adware

Infected by Contextual Tool Yourprofitclub

infected by credit puma & google keeps redirecting

Infected by cycbot.b a couple of days ago; want to make sure it's gone.

infected by Desktop Security 2010

Infected By Dialer.globalaccess

Infected by cycbot.B

Infected By Downloader.zlob

Infected By E2give And Others

Infected by Eraem Vire Studaa 2012 & updateflashplayer_*.exe

Infected By Error Cleaner/privacy Protector/spyware & Malware Protection

Infected by Expiro-Du virus What do I do?

Infected by Expiro Virus

infected by god knows what

Infected By Fujack.ini

Infected by Fakealertgrb Trojan

Infected by Flashplayer_xxx.exe

Infected By Generic7.* And Generic11.*

Infected by Generic17.BKCS and SpamTool.FYS

Infected By Funwebproducts

Infected by [email protected]

Infected by HackTool.GSQ

infected by Generic.Virtob

Infected By Hbservice?

Infected by Gozi 2; my provider informed me

Infected by Https Tidserv Request 2

Infected By Http://www.bydou.com

Infected by I have no clue.

Infected By Infostealer

Infected By Infostealer.gampass

Infected by ICE Moneypak virus and DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO

infected by java/agent.ag

infected by I believe either pc antispyware2010 or vundo or both

Infected by Java/Agent.m.1

Infected by Internet Security 2010

Infected By Istbar-au2

Infected by Joke.ProgramBadJoke

Infected by IQE plus probably much more

Infected by InternetSecurity2010?

Infected by kavo.exe

Infected By Jpg.scr

Infected by jrh.exe

infected by ipjack.dll

infected by mal_otorun2

Infected by Mal_Vundo-5

infected by majuwe - IE and Firefox. can't seem to remove.

Infected By Malware (vapsup? Smitfraud-c.gp?)

infected by malware defender 2009

Infected By Mal/encpk-da

Infected by Malware - Antispy Safeguard

Infected by malware programs like snap.do

infected by malware.trace

Infected By Memediaadvantage

Infected by Malware.Trace and Security.HiJack

Infected by malware and virus (virtumonde)/ Moved

Infected By Malwareremover2007

Infected by MSIL.Bladabindi

Infected by MS Antispyware 2009

infected by mujemele

Infected By Nails.exe

Infected by NTOSKRNL-HOOK and more

Infected by NortonReset2009

Infected By Mystery Virus (read on if you want a challenge)

Infected by nar.vbs and VBS/AutoRun.S worm

Infected by odoaztybt.exe

Infected by new win32 virus?

Infected By Outerinfo

Infected by My Security Shield

Infected By Numerous Win32 Viruses

Infected by PC Antispyware 2010

infected by PAK Generic .012?

Infected by parite.b possibly.

infected by ping.exe and win32.exe (W7x64)

Infected by protect.dll virus

Infected by PC antispyware/antivirus 2010 - cannot resolve with SDFix nor Combofix nor Malwarebytes

Infected by Prunnet.exe/Virtumonde/Vundo Trojans

Infected by pc_antispyware2010 and windows antivirus pro

Infected by PWS.Banker/Infostealer Virus

Infected by PWS:Win32Daurso.a

Infected By Raila Virus (a Malicious 32 Bit Pe File)

Infected by PWS:Win32/Daurso.A

Infected By Qcwpung.exe With Autorun.ini

Infected By Ravmone.exe

Infected by Renos.JM and no removal program will work.

infected by ransomware 'powerfull pc protection'

Infected by RandomDealApp.help

Infected by resycled\boot.com-TrojanDNS-Ndisprot.sys

Infected by Richtx64.exe

Infected by Rootkit gen

Infected by rootkit Trojan.bubnix

infected by rootkit BackDoor.Tdss.565

Infected by Rootkit.Boot.STT.a

Infected by Rootkit.Agent/Gen-DNSHack

Infected by Rvzr-a.akamaihd.net ?

Infected by sagipsul.com popups

Infected by sd.exe

Infected by Services.exe / Backdoor.ProRat / TROJ_MYDOOM.CV and it reappears as soon as pc connects to internet

Infected by Security Sheild 2012

Infected By Sillydl Djm And Some Others

Infected by several PUP Malware. Scanned and fixed but still have a problem

Infected by several things

Infected by security guard and Windows Security

Infected By Several Viruses Including Virtumonde

Infected By Smitfraud/core.cache.dsk

Infected by sirefef

Infected by SIREFEF-PL

Infected by some sort of Malware + HJT log

Infected by Smart Engine

Infected By Smitfraud & Trojan.popuper

infected by Smitfraud.C Coreservice

infected by skynet and fake antivirus spyware

Infected by something . I think

infected by something nasty

Infected by something called Hard Drive Diagnostic?

Infected by some sort of redirect virus (eminentsearchsystem.com?)

Infected By Something Wicked

Infected By Spyaxe

Infected By Spyaxe.help

Infected By Spyfalcon

Infected By Spambot

infected by spam bot?

infected by ssmaker.exe

Infected By Spy Dawn

infected by spyware guard 2008

Infected By Spywarestrike

Infected by steamguard.exe virus

Infected by stolen.data

Infected By Spywarequake

Infected By Sscvihost.exe

Infected by [email protected]

infected by stopzilla

Infected By Surfsidekick And Other Possible Infections

Infected by System Tools 2011 - Please HELP

Infected by System Security 2009 and trojans

Infected By Tagasauras

Infected by Teslacrypt 3.0; waiting for solution to decrypt files

Infected by Tabs?

Infected by testendonline.com. already ran OTL scan

Infected by Titanuimres?

Infected By The antispy Storm Malware

Infected by the W/32 Blaster worm - Vista laptop please advise on how to remove

Infected by Think Point

Infected By Toolbar 888 (at Least)

Infected by TR/Dropper.Gen

Infected by Tidserv Activity and Activity 2

Infected by the new TDSS/Tidserv/TDL3

Infected by Trj/CI.A

Infected By Troj_fake.av.ne / Smitfraud-c.gp

Infected by this Trojan - smsc.exe

infected by troj/rustok.N

Infected by Trojan horse Agent

Infected by Trojan Horse Generic29

Infected by Trojan horse PSW.Agent.ARMV

Infected By Trojan Tj/bz

Infected By Trojan Smitfraud-c Coreservices

Infected by trojan horse PSW.OnlineGames3.VUC

Infected By Trojan Horse Tr/monderc.2588.14

Infected By Trojan Psw.generic2.xll

Infected by Trojan.fraudpack

Infected by Trojan virus vundogrb - Pls help/ Moved

Infected by Trojan.Gen.2 by XvidSetup.exe

Infected By Trojan.lowzone

Infected By Trojan.win32.bho.agz

Infected by trojan.heur.vundo.1

Infected By Trojan.w32.looksky

Infected by Trojan Win32/Fynloski.AA :(

Infected by Trojan.Gen.SMH

Infected By Trojan.win32.monder.

Infected by Trojan.Downloader

Infected by Trojan.Vundogen 2

Infected by Trojan.Gen.SMH and Chrome is redirected when opened

Infected By Trojan.peacomm

Infected by Trojan.Metajuan and Probably Other Items

Infected by Trojan.win32.reboot.q

Infected by Trojan.win32.monder.gen (I think)

infected by Trojan.Win32.ZbotPatched.d

Infected by Trojan.Win32.Patched.fh

Infected by Trojan: tracur

Infected By Trojan.win32.obfuscated.gx

Infected by Trojan.ZbotR.Gen

Infected by Trojan:win32/fedcept.a

Infected By Trojan? Please Help

Infected By Trojan? Pl;ease Help

Infected by Trojan-Downloader.Murlo

Infected by trojan-downloader.JS.Expack.vy

Infected By Trojan-downloader-conhook

Infected By Trojan-downloader.win32.delf.pa (trojan.stwoyle)

Infected By Trojan-psw.win32.nilage.bvj

Infected by trojangeneric5667367

Infected by Trojan-Spy.HTML.Fraud.gen and CD disabled

Infected By Trustcleaner And Tracking Cookies Overture

infected by Trojan-Downloader.Win32.agent variant

Infected by Tuvaro and others

Infected by trojans: Need Help. LOHLA (hdn54.exe)

Infected by TTDS rootkit

infected by troyan.win32.genome.hew

Infected by trojans Help REALLY appreciated

Infected by UAC and/or SKYNET

Infected by two anti-virus programs

Infected by unknown virus Possibly virtumonde & Haxdoor

Infected by Unknown Malware

Infected by variant.cryptoloker

infected by vbs malware gen

Infected By Virtmonde And Smitfraud-c

Infected by Virtumon

Infected By Virtumonde And Smitfraud

Infected By Vbs:solow

infected by Virtumonde or maybe more

Infected By Virtual Bouncer And Numerous Popups

Infected By Virtumonde Pls Help

Infected by virus exploit.jpeg

Infected By Virtumonde And Win32.delf.uc

Infected by virus commonpriv.log.lock

Infected By Virtumonde And Fotomoto

infected by Virus win32/virut.EPOB_DEBRIS

Infected by VirusTrigger & SpywareRemover etc.

Infected By Viruswebprotect2008

Infected by visualbee and other things

Infected by Vitro

Infected by Vundo / Trojan Downloader Agent BQXC

Infected by Vista Security 2011

Infected by Vundo or variant

Infected By W32.dalbug.worm Virus

infected by Vundo.AV Generic12.kao adloader_r.ER

Infected By Vitrumonde And Downloader - Need Help

Infected by Vundogrb

Infected By Vundo.dll

Infected by W32.Blaster.Worm

Infected By W32.ircbot And Trojan.lowzones

Infected By W32.alcra.b

Infected by Vundo and possibly more

Infected by W32/Jeefo or PE_JEEFO.A Virus

Infected by W32/Almanahe.c

Infected by W32.nuqel.e

Infected by welik.exe

Infected By Win Antivirus Pro 2006 And 2007

Infected by Whitesmoke

Infected by win32.agent.sxi or/and

Infected by WIN.MSSQL.worm.helkern + some downloader + can't even run gmer log

Infected By Win32.parite.b

Infected by Win32.Yonton.sze etc and don't know how to get rid of - plz help

Infected by Win32/Agent & Win32/kryptik.W Trojan

Infected by Win32/Fynloski.AA trojan and can't delete.

Infected By Win32/bho.agz

Infected by win32:Aluroot-C [Rtk]

Infected by Win32/Olmarik trojan in the Operating Memory

infected by Win32/PSW.OnLine Games.NMP Trojan

infected by win32/olmarik.AJL trojan

Infected By Win32\vundocryptore

Infected by Windows Antivirus pro 2012

infected by win32/Sirefef.G

Infected By Winantivirus Pro 2007

Infected by win32:poly


Infected by Win32:Sirefef-PL

Infected by win32/Sality.nba and win32/browseFox.B

Infected by Win32/Patched

infected by Win32/Sirefef.CH & Win32/Rootkit.Agent.NUS

infected by win32VB-GTZ and Troja-Heur.cmo.

Infected by WinShell . ?

Infected by Win32:winpatch

Infected By Winerror

Infected by Win32:Trojan-gen and Win32:Trojano-3238 Viruses

Infected by Windows Police Pro/Have already run ComboFix

Infected by Win64/Necurs.A

Infected By Winstar Iexpl0re.exe.

Infected by Winferno

Infected by WindowsProtectionSuite

Infected By Winstall.exe

Infected by WinZix still struggling with probs post system restore

Infected By Winzix And Cookies

Infected by Worm.Koobface

Infected by Worm.Win32.NetSky?

Infected by XP Security 2012

Infected By Yieldmanager

Infected By Worm/vb.so

Infected by XP Anti-spyware 2011

Infected by wscript.exe

Infected By Worm/rbot Need Help

Infected by zeroaccess (sirefef

Infected By Xdogcat.dll; Different Computer

Infected by 'XP Internet Security-Unregistered version

Infected by: Trojan.Vundo.H

infected by xp home 2012

Infected By: Trojan.startup.nameshifter.hn

Infected(?) By Js/downloader.agent

Infected by Anti Malware Doctor

Infected by antimalwareliveproscannerv3

Infected by Antimalware Doctor and Antivirus Action

Infected by java/trojandownloader.agent.nbu

Infected by avsoft and Worm.Nuwar

Infected by TR/PatchLoad.393839.1 [trojan]

Infected by Antimalware Doctor

Infected by proxy virus http://ɴ.net/server.pac

Infected by TornTv and

Infected by Kryptik and Rootkits

Infected by tr/strictor.4981

Infected By Trojan Associated With Executable: csrss.exe

Infected by Trojan BHO.ACTQ_3 according to Sonic Wall

Infected by Trojan Bookmarker

Infected by Trojan BlacoleRef.T

Infected By Virus Vbs:solow And Vbs:malware-gen

infected by trojan GASF and maybe some others

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