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I know my pc is infected

I know Malware is in there.

I know something is wrong. HELP malware/adware/virus/trojan?

I know someone had control of my puter

I know that IE is infected dont know what to do

I know the computer is infected

I Know This Computer Is Infected

I Know Someone Installed Spyware

I know there is spyware on my computer. I need help getting it off.

I like sound and Bass too

I know; another boring redirection problem

I lost my DVD/RW settings and have a mess

I lost my laptop to some malicious programm

i m unable to see the folders in window vista.due to virus attack.

I may be rootkitt'ed

I may have a Keylogger

I may have a key logger or trojan on my comp

I may have a virus or spy/malware?

I may have several Malwares at once

I may have run a bad .exe file: Can I prevent it from finishing the installation

I may have the Cryptowall 2.0 on my computer. Please advise.

I Maybe Am Infected with a KeyLogger

I might have a keylogger?

I MIGHT be Keylogged.

I might be infected with malware that controls my computer

I might be infected but malware scans show that I am clean.

I might have a keylogger (Dont know what type sorry)

I need a partition manager to do these things.

I need an iTunes pro

I need assistance finding an infected computer

I Need File Encryption Help

I Need Help - Cleaning Infected XP PC

I Need Help [cleaning My Computer]

I Need Help Again? I Definitely Think Its A Malicious Virus.

I need help backing up my system

I need help cleaning viruses off this computer

I Need Help Fixing A Virus Or Trojan Thats On My Laptop.

I need help fixing net problem

I need help curing sudden infection of malware

I need help getting rid of Adware:W32/MyWebSearch without having to elimenate everything and start all over

I Need Help Looking At This Scan To Try Tosee If I Have Any Problems In My Laptop.

I need help Malware problem?

I Need Help Really Fast

I need help removing a virus

I need help removing a virus from my computer

I Need Help Removing My infection

I need help removing the Gallimp pop ups

I need help removing malware from my computer.

I Need Help Removing Virus

I need help to get rid of computer virus


I need help to finish removing the malware on my computer.

i need help to repair my connection

I Need Help To Help My Friends Computer

I Need Help With A Virus On My Laptop

I Need Help With Burning Dvds

I need help with computer IP's.

I need help with Malware

I need help with removing certain adware programs

I Need Help With Some Spyware

I need help with some malware cleaning

I need help with removing viruses

I Need Help With Removing Several Virus/trojans/adwares

i need help with spyware

I need help. Computer infected

I need help. My computer is/was infected with multiple trojans and adware. List enclosed.

I need help. I think i have malware.

I need hlep rebooting my Computer

I need help? infections blocking programs

I need serious help. I think I have a virus and/or malware.

I need some help regarding an infected PC.

I need some help cleaning up some leftover spyware. . .

I need some help trying to clean the rest of this virus off my PC

I need some help with malware

I need to be sure I'm clean from keyloggers

I need to get rid of some of my anti-virus programmes.

I need to get information off my computer

I need to know how to get rid of these viruses.

I need to remove Antivirus 360 Help?

I no see the virus

I Picked Up A Keylogger And Need To Know If I Cleaned It.

I Really Need Help.keylogger/virus

I recently cleaned many infections but am I done?

I Reformatted My Laptop After I Crashed It.

I recently found gorillaprice in my computer and I belive I am infected

I recently got a Ukask ransomware lockscreen.

I removed a few viruses and malware but.

I require assistance Slow loading and malware

I ruined my new laptop

I Rmoved A Virus Now I Can't See My Files

I restored my computer serveral times and It keeps on getting infected.

I seem to have a keylogger.

I Seem To Have Several Trojans On My Computer.

I still infected: I used Malwarebytes

i suspect a keylogger is installed on my pc

I suspect browser activity is monitored

I suspect I have a keylogger.

I suspect damage from maleware (?)

I suspect malware has infected my laptop

I suspect I am infected - very slow internet access to certain sites

I Suspect My System Is Infected

I suspect my computer might be infected =(

I suspect my computer may be infected?

I think a nasty virus has set in.

I think all my devices are infected (PC

I think I am infected and can't seem to figure it out

I think I am infected by some chinese malware

I think I am infected or have a Windows 7 problem.

I think I am infected with some sort of Malware

I Think I Am Infected With Maleware Please Help

i think i am infected with spyware PLEASE HELP SOMEBODY ---ANYBODY

I think I am infected with the Vundu also.

I think I am infected. PC is super slow

I Think I Am Infected. Can You Please Help?

I Think I Am Infected/pc Is Running Slow

I think I am still infected

I think i can see the virus

I think I got a malware infection.

I Think i got a keylogger

I think i got a Keylogger or Trojan

I think I got a keyloger

I think I got rid of a virus

I think I got infected after unpacking a malicious file

I think i got hit by a strong virus\malware

I Think I Got Rid Of All Of The Trojans And Other Malware But I Want To Double Check

I Think I Got Most Spyware Removed Need Expert To Reviews Log.

I Think I Got Spyware

I think i have 3 corrupt files

I Think I Have A Bho

I think i have a bad trojan/virus. I never had this problem

I think I have a HUGE Virus

I think i have a keylogger on my computer

I think i have a keylogger/data miner

I think I have a keylogger on my system

I think I have a keylogger

i think i have a keylogger and some virus heres my log

I Think I Have a Keylogger but I'm not Sure

I think I have a Keylogger problem

I think I have a major virus

I think i have a key logger or other malware

i think i have a lot of trojan viruses like bgotrtu0

i think i have a maleware on my computer and i dont know what to do

I think I have a keylogger or virus/malware

I think I have a keylogger/RAT

I think i have a MALWARE in my PC please help thanks in advance

I think I have a malware infection

I think I have a malware or virus

I think I have a MyWebSearch virus?

I Think I Have A Nasty Virus Or Trojan Horse On My Pc

I think I have a serious virus or malware on my computer

i think i have a serious virus / attack on my pc

I think I have a rootkit/trojan (GMER log)

I Think I Have A Virius

I think I have a very hidden malware/virus

I Think I Have A Virus And I Can't Find It

I think I have a virus and can't fix it

I think I have a virus and now I've messed up my laptop

I think I have a virus and spreading it. help

I think I have a virus on my Galaxy S3 phone

I think I have a virus on my internet? Help?

I Think I Have A Virus Or A Spyware But Dont Know Much

I think I have acquired a TDL3 rootkit

I think i have been infected by a worm from using an infected pendrive

I think I have been infected with system tool

I think I have hidden spyware

I think I have infection on conputer

I think I have malware but can't find it

I think I have Malware on my computer

I think I have keylogger in my laptop

I think I have Malware/Spyware

I think I have more spyware

I think I have malware

I think i have malware infection

I think I have malware on macbook pro

I think I have some kind of anti virus probelm

I think I have some form of malware.

I think I have some malware

I think I have some sort of infection on my windows 7 laptop

I think I have some viruses on my computer

I Think I Have Some Spyware

I think I have some type or Trojan or Maleware.

I think i have something nasty

I Think I have Spyware

i think i have spyware + malware maybe trojan

I Think I Have The Csrss Virus Or Something

I think I have the Google redirect issue

I think I have the System Check Virus on my PC

I Think I Have Viruses

I suspect that I have a keylogger.

I think I have undetected malware

i think i infected desktop

I think I know how to unencrypt files encrypted by Cryptolocker

I think I may be infected - not able to detect by what

I think I may be infected with a keylogger.

I Think I May Have A Serious Virus How Can I Find Out?

I think i may be keylogged

i think i may have a malware problem

I think I may have a keylogger.

I think I may have a Spyware :(

I think I may have a keylogger on my comp

I think I may have a virus. Computer is running Window 7

I think I may have infected my computer.

I think I may have some malware on my computer

I think I may have some kind of virus

i think i may have spyware and security issues with my pc

I think i might be infected but I would like your opinion

I think I might have a keylogger

i think i might have a virus or trojan

I think I might have keylogger?

I think I might have shop at home virus

I Think I Might Have Some Sort Of Virus

I think I need help with malware

I think I still have a virus

I Think I Still Have A Keylogger.

i think i still have a virus on my laptop HELP

I Think I'm Full Of Viruses

I think i'm infected but how do i remove it.

I think im infected but my computer seems ok

I think I'm infected what do I do?

I Think Im Infected Some Of My Files Are Missing

I think I'm infected computer acting strange

I think I'm infected with a virus Help

I think Im infected I found this file name in my C drive

I Think I'm Infected With Malware/spyware

I Think Im Infected With Malware.please Help (-

I Think I'm Infected With Spyware/trojan

I think im infected. Need help.

I think Im infected.websites get partially redirected

I think I'm keylogged

I Think I'm Infected.computer Runs Sooo Slow

i think im infected? dnt know how to use adwcleaner

I think Im infected. Security Protection Malware but cannot get rid of it

I think its clean I just need to check

I Think Its Malware

I think I've been infected by every virus possible

I Think Ive Got A Deep Virus.

I Think I've Cleaned This Pc But Need Help With The Log File

I think I've got the Zero Access bug affecting windows firewall

I think I've got rid of my virus

I Think I've Won The Battle Vs. This Spyware But I'm Not Sure.

I think my Acer laptop has a virus

I think my computer got a virus.help please.

I think my computer has a virus?

I think my computer a virus

I Think My Computer Got Infected With A Vicious Virus

I think my computer has one or several virus i just don't know which.

I Think My Computer Crashed Because Of Anti-Virus Suite

I think my computer has malware

I think my computer has malware or a virus

I think my computer has a hidden virus [HELP]

I think my computer has virus

I think my computer is f*d

I think my computer is infected with some kind of virus

I think my computer is clean but.

I think my computer is infected

I think my computer is infected what to do

I think my computer is hijacked or infected.

I Think My Computer Is Infested With Viruses That I Can't Get Rid Of

I think my computer is infected with Malware/Spyware

I think my computer is infected; not sure what the problem is

I think my computer is infected PLEASE HELP

I think my computer is infected/ Computer 1

I think my computer is OK but not sure

I think my computer is still infected.

I Think My Computer Is Infected But I Dont Know What To Do

I Think My Computer May Be Infected.

I think my computer may have an infection

I think my coputer is Infected?

I think my computer may be infected. Please Help.

I think my laptop is infected by malware

I think my laptop is infected

I Think My Laptops Infected

I Think My Laptop Is Infected. What Do I Do Now?

I think my laptop is infected by spyware

I Think My Pc Has Been Backdoored. Advice?

I think my pc have a virus

I think my laptop has a virus

I think my mother's laptop has multiple trojans

I think My laptop is infected with Something

I Think my pc is infected plz help

I think my pc is infected

I Think My Pc Is Infected With A Virus

I think my pc is infected with something.

I THINK my PC may be infected - need help.

I think my PC running windows7 is infected by webwatcher

I think my Vista PC is infected

I think my USB has viruses

I think my wireless is being hacked

I think my system is infected in some way.

I think our pc is infected by Malware/Spyware. Need Help please :(

I think my VISTA 64 bit desktop is infected

I think somebody is using my computer

i think pc is infected

I think someone is messing with my PC

I think someone has remote access to my system and is changing internal settings

I think someone may have remote access to my computer

I think someone stole my desktop setting

I think that my computer have a spy

I Think Their Is A Virus On My Computer

I think the Windows Media Player virus has infected my computer

I Think The Computer May Be Infected

I think there may be spyware on my laptop.

I think Theres a virus

i think there is a malware threat to my laptop

I think this laptop is infected with a temp virus.

I think this laptop is infected. Please help

i thought i deleted a virus but i still can't access anti-virus websites

I thought I got rid of the virus/malware

I think trying to burn a data disk wiped my image files

I too Cannot reboot

I Too Have Fallen To The Cid Pop Ups.

I totally Am infected.

I tried removing some malware on my own.

I tried multiple solutions still have ad.fly and others

I tried to remove malware and now xp won't start

I use ctrl alt delete to log in but forgot my password

I used ComboFix and there is an error during process

I used Rkil as you advised and got this

I used a tweak program in the past and now I can't figure out how to disable it

I want my XP back.

I want some sugestion to maximize my current security set up.

I want to check If my Computer is safe


I Want to Delete my Virus

I want to format my laptop

I want to get rid of the infection on my computer

I want to get clean my laptop from any malware

I want to get rid of the autocomplete nag

I Want To Save The Local Folders File In Oe

i want to upgrade to windows 7 from xp computer hit by malware/virus

I was infected and removed the virus

I was hit with the Data Recovery Virus

I was infected with recovery virus.

I Was Infected By Rootkit And I Dont Know If Its Already Gone

I Was Infected Am I Clean For Now?

I was infected with some malwares

I was infected by a rootkit and seemed to resolve it

I was infected with Vundo and antivirus 360 but I don't think I got it all off

I was just wiped out by Windows XP Recovery

I was referred here from Am I infected?/ Friend's computer

i will format my pc but

I Will Kill My Computer Soon

I would like to confirm that my computer is now virus free.

I.e Has Been Affected By Spyware Or Adware - Wareout ?

I.E. pop ups and banner ads on browsers

I?m Infected.my Computer Works Too Slow

iam infected--my antivirus shows some infections and my pc has been slowed down

Iam Infected With A Keylogger

ICE Maleware has my computer over a week now - can't get rid of it.

ICE Removal

Icon problems

Icon problem

Icon removal

Icons modified in Explorer and Desktop

Icons On Taskbar Saying That I'm Infected Computer Acting Weird Can't Figure It Out. Help


I'd like to make sure my computer is clean

I'd like to clean out my system of anything bad

identify if i have a keylogger?

Identifying Malicious Files On Autoruns

Identifying process acessing IP address

IDM automatically opens web browser

IE & Firefox being redirected following removal of Internet Security 2010

IE / Google searches hijacked - redirected.

Ie : Umwnated Popups

Ie 7- How To Delete Default Favorites?

IE 9 redierects from google search and random ads in lower corner

IE Ad Popups

IE Ad Windows Popping Up Every Few Minutes

IE and Firefox popups

Ie And Firefox Popups/tabs Constantly

IE and Firefox redirecting to random ad sites on click

IE and Firefox Redirects to strange pages

Ie Antivirus Pop-ups?

IE Cannot Remove Loopback Exception Error Proxy Issue

IE Crashing after Cleaning a lot of Malware

Ie Defender- Do I Need To Follow Al The Steps Advised Here?

Ie Extremely Slow And Continual Popups For Antispyware And Registry Cleaner Programs

IE Firefox Chrome Browser Displaying Ads by SaleItCoupon as well as popup ads

IE Firefox popup ads

ie firewall http

Ie Fullscreen Ad Popups

Ie Help.am I Infected ?

IE hijacked and directed to advert.

IE History wiped out.

IE hijacker 2 wks ago

IE Infected Browser (pop-ups)

Ie Keep Poping Up /ad Popup

IE list of Restricted Sites

Ie Opening On It's Own Tons Of Of Pop-ups Can't Remove

IE opens in background & sound is muting

IE pops up when running FF

IE popups and redirects

Ie Popups While Firefox Is Running

IE Popups Still Highjacking My Computer

IE Popups When Running Firefox

IE possible infected & Malwarebytes

IE problems and unable to delete Trojan

IE Redirect - Unable to Post from Bad Computer

IE Redirects and Firefox Popups

IE running unexpectedly in background. Unable to Boot to Safe Mode

IE Searches Are Redirected to Different Web Sites

Ie Slow-infected With Adware Popups

IE update pop-up ? ali-express pop-up ?

IE won't work after Dr. Web CureIt got rid of a trojan

IE/Fire Fox Browser redirect

IE/Firefox Google infection

IE shuts down when I install swagbucks

IE7 keeps poping up browsers when using a different browser

IE7 problem when adding favorite

Ie7 Opens On Windows Start Up With Unknown Webpage

IE7 Redirect and Extremely Slow WinXP Desktop System

IE7 Randomly Redirects to Wrong URL

IE8 Favorites and some links.

iE8 Favorites

IE8 has random pop-ups even after cleaning virus

IE8 Installation Popup Removal

IE8 Kicks me out of YOUR website Malware or Spyware?

IE8/FF3.5 Google redirects to spam sites

Iefeats Possibly; Computer Slow Down

Iesecurepage.com Spyware/adware


IF I do a reformat / reinstall of XP Home and start from scratch will my computer run as well as it did when new?

If I Have Two Operating Systems.

If I Wipe My Hard Drive.

If my pc is infected will a re-install kill all?


Iinfected System

Ikl.dll Error Message

I'm 100% sure I have different types of viruses on my PC.

I'm badly infected again I think its a trojan.

I'm Being Prompted To Buy Antivirus

I'm being taken to random sites

I'm certain computer is infected but unable to find it.

I'm Being Spyed On

Im Getting A Lot Of Popups

I'm getting redirected

I'm going to kill my antivirus.

I'm having a hard time removing this keylogger.

Im Having Problems With What I Think Is Malware

Im I infected . recovering from cryptolocker

I'm I Still Infected? I Followed All Of Your Instructions.

I'm infected - am I infected couldnt solve the problem

Im Infected And Dont Know How To Fix It

I'm infected and I need help

I'm infected and I can't fix my computer.

I'm Infected But Don't Know How To Find Out With What

i'm infected and need help removing the virus

I'm infected Antivirus won't get rid of it

I'm infected but don't know the virus name

I'm infected by www-mysearch.com how to get rid of it?

I'm infected I need help.

Im infected Virus cannot be remove

I'm infected with ? How to find it?

I'm infected with a redirect trojan/virus of some sort. Req. help with removal

I'm Infected With Adware

I'm infected with google redirect.

I'm Infected With Regscan.exe In My %system% Folder Need Help Removing It

Im Infected With Malware And Spyware

I'm Infected With Spyware/ Trojan

I'm infected with something. How do I fix it?

I'm Infected With 'pcshield' (.or Something)

I'm Infected With Spyware

I'm infected with the XP Trojan

I'm infected with the Bamital virus and need help cleaning my computer

I'm Infected With Tesllar A Spyware And I Can't Remove It

im infected with various kinds of viruses and they keep appearing.

i'm infected with torn tv.how do i remove this?.

I'm Infected with 'Your computer is infected' taskbar malware

I'm infected with windows repair. now what?

I'm infected. I tried removing it with Malware. Still having problems.

I'm Infected: Internet Search Links Are Ads

im infected? file missing

I'm LOADED with malware. need help please

I'm New And Need Help With Some Spyware.

I'm new to forum. Need help Files have been encrypted.

I'm not sure if I have a keylogger

Im not sure if I'm infected or not but help would be nice.

I'm not sure if my laptop is infected or not. Please help

Im Not Sure If Its A Virus. Help. Seriously

I'm not sure if my computer is still infected.looking for help

I'm not sure what I'm affected with but I'm pretty sure it's Malware.

I'm not sure what the computer is doing

I'm not sure where to start - Redirects & Pop-ups

Im not sure whats Infecting my PC (My Log)

I'm Pretty Sure I Have A Virus.

I'm pretty sure my computer is infected with some sort of malware

I'm redirected from Google

I'm receiving loads of pop-ups and web site redirects

I'm Really Not Understanding Something And I Need An Immediate Answer

Im pretty sure iv got a virus

Im Really Worried I Might Have A Keylogger


I'm sure I have some kind of spyware

Im sure i am infected but scans are not finding the malware

i'm sure my pc is infected but.

I'm told that my computer is badly infected.

I'm Trying To Remove The Viruses On My Computer

I'm very confused - has my router been hacked?

I'm worried someone is accessing my computer remotely

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