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I Need Your Help With Trojans Posted Combofix Log Report Too

IASTOR.SYS infected with ALUREON.F also browser redirects

I'm infected- can't get to Gmail and google re-directing

Infected - Google redirects and IE script errors.

Infected - Redirect Google Searches (fake av?)

Infected Rootkit - Google Redirects etc

Infected w Shop to Win and Google Redirect

infected with desktop security 2010 and Internet security 2011 and Google redirects

Infected with FinderQuery Search Redirect

Infected with find-fast-answers.com Google redirect

Infected with google redirect - like everyone else

Infected with Google Redirect - Scour

Infected with google redirect and nothing is working to fix it

Infected with Google Redirect / Registry Defender

Infected with google redirect and Windows Security Centre disabled

Infected with rootkit - Constant HTTPS Tidserv Request 2 warnings by Norton

infected with Smart Fortress & Google keeps redirecting

Infected with Tazinga redirect?

Infected with TDDS & Google keep redirecting

Infected with TDDS and google keeps redirecting

Infected with TDDS & Google Keeps Redirecting

Infected with TDSS & Google Keeps Redirecting & I Keep Getting Win 7 AntiSpyware 2012

Infected with TDSS and Internet Security 2012 & Google keeps redirecting

Infected with TDSS? - Google redirect issues Audio Commericals

Infected with Trojan-rootkit. Google redirects and can't go to Windows Update website

Infected with trojans/ rootkit helper (?)/google redirect

Infected with unknown - antivirus 2010 malware previously removed - now google redirecting

Infected with W32.Tidserv.G and Downloader viruses; also get google DNS redirects

Internet Security 2010 created browser redirects to random search directories

Invasion of the google redirect problem

I believe I have a rootkit and Google redirect

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