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I ran ComboFix & now my Bookmarklet won't work?

I Think I am Infected.Laptop shuts off by itself.

I think I may be infected with the Google Chrome virus

I think my computer is infected I keep getting popups and adds

Ie 6 Sp2 Won't Refresh Book Marked Pages Automatically

IE and Chrome will not connect

IE and Google Chrome crashes on startup

IE downloads wont show up in destination and Google Chrome wont download

Ie Font And Color Problem

Infected - Computer Slow - Google Re-Directs

Infected - Google Chrome keeps redirecting to one click ads

Infected - Google search returns ads instead of the correct website

Infected By A Trojan/malware Continually Respawns

Infected by multiple trojans/malware - please help

infected Chrome browser

Infected Multiple Trojans/malware - Winantivirus

Infected possibly with multiple viruses and keylogger - Contracted & removed fake Antivirus software twice

Infected W/ Multiple Trojans

Infected w/ something that causes popup windows

Infected with a fake AV and google hijack

Infected with adware that hijacks Google Chrome

Infected with Browser Pop Ups and Unresponsive Google Chrome

Infected with Chrome Browser.exe Virus

infected with google .

Infected with Google Chrome virus with logs

Infected with Google Installer malware

infected with google malware

Infected with Inksr popups

Infected with malware google doesn't run

Infected with multiple google chrome processes

Infected With Multiple Instances

Infected with multiple fake Google Chrome process malware

Infected with multiple adware and trojan programs

Infected with multiple malware/trojans

Infected with multiple trojans & google redirects

Infected with multiple trojans and malware

Infected with multiple trojans/web-hijackers

infected with multiple viruses -- trojans

Infected With Popups

Infected with popup malware

Infected With Some Sort Of Malware And Popups

Infected with something that causes random websites to popup when searching in google.

Infected with Trojan.FakeAlert and Google Redirects

Infected with unknown. Computer still massively slow after completing step 2

Infected with ZeroAccess & Google Pop-Ups/Redirects

Infected wth Google installer malware

Infected: DNS problems? toseeka & clicfraudmanager google results

Infected:browser re-directs services.exe at 100% cpu

Infection of multiple trojans/rootkits

Infection started with Google Installer Virus about 1 month go

Infection with Google Chrome and Malware keeps regenerating

Infuriating Pop-ups And System Crash

Insufficient Permissions: Google Chrome

Internet Explorer/Google Chrome not working

I/e Address Bar Is Unresponsive

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