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I Lost Al Desktop Control

I lost my desktop icons and taskbar

I need help because Vista has disappeared from my laptop

I need help. All desktop items are gone

I Think This Is Braviax Also There Is A Delself Icon On Desktop

Icon for enabling second monitor?

Icon Issue

icon on desktop gone

Icons & wallpaper disappeared

Icons Disappear And Popup Problem

Icons disappearing from screen

Icons disappered in windows 7

Icons Consistently Flashing

Icons gone from destop

Icons Disappears

Icons Missing

Icons Look Like Text Files

Icons Missing From Desktop

Icons moving around

ICON's moved to left after refresh or reboot.

Icons On Desktop Flicker

Icons Taking Forever To Come Up

Icons on Desktop

Icons/files gone/missing

Icons won't stay where put .

IE wont open Live PC Help icon on my desktop

IE9 - Desktop Icons Flicker

infected xp recovery virus; desktop is black with few icons

Infected. Lost Desktop Icons and Programs

Infected; Cannot See Desktop Items And Commands Do Not Respond

Internet and software won't open when icons are clicked

Invisible Desktop Icons

Invisible Icon Problem

Icons gone

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