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I may have a virus. please help

I may have a Virus?

I might have a virus

I really need help with a virus

I Seem To Have A Virus

I suspect my laptop's been infected

I suspect I have a virus

I think a virus is eating up my RAM (This is the new slooooooooooooow internet post that I misplaced before)

I think I am infected with a virus

i think i got a virus

I think i have a virus

I think I have a virus but help needed

I think I have a virus but don't know what

I think I have a virus from a .exe file?

I think I have a virus or spyware of some sort

I think I have a virus that is stopping downloads

I Think I Have A Virus Or Something Please Read Log.


I think I have a virus. Help please?

I think i have been had by a virus

I think i have some sort of virus or spyware

I think I have some sort of virus. I can't get online

I think I may be infected with a virus

I think I May Be Infected

i think i may have a virus

I think I may have a virus on my computer

I Think I May Have Downloaded A Virus

I think i might be infected with a virus.

I think i might be infected with a virus of some sort.

i think i might have a nasty virus

I think I might have a virus

I think I might have some virus

I think I picked up a virus while downloading files

I Think I'm having a Virus or Malware Emergency

I think im infected with a virus (core10x)

I Think im infected with some type of virus please help

I think I'm may be infected.

I think I'm really infected. Please help.

i think it's a virus

I think I've got a virus

I think I've got a virus or something

I think my computer got attacked by a virus


I think there's a trojan downloader & exe files can't run

i think this computer has some sort of virus

I use kaspersky/malware bytes.anything else I should do to stay safe?

IE keeps opening without user interaction

IE9 and Firefox: This file contained a virus and was deleted.

If I lose any more sleep then the virus wins

Ifected With Spyware

I'm almost certain there is a virus (or several) on my computer.

I'm having problems with a virus

I'm infected - and spyware is not helping

I'm Infected And I Don't Know What To Do

I'm infected but anti-virus programs detect nothing.

I'm infected but can't find the virus

I'm infected with a virus and i need help

Im Infected With Several Trojans And Who Knows What Else.

I'm infected with this virus. Name: 27218346293184

I'm not sure if I have a virus or not.

I'm Not Sure If I Have A Virus

I'm not sure if this is a virus

I'm Pretty Sure I Have Malware. Help

Im sure i have a virus Please help

I'm Sure I'm infected need some help

I'm Unsure If the File I Ran was a Virus

Infectd with viruses what do i do some please help?

Infecteced? Next step - Asked to post logs here

Infected (not sure about name) firewall problems

Infected and dont know what to do~help please

Infected but not sure what

Infected By A Virus.disappeared My Antivirus

Infected by a Virus

Infected by Java Trojans? And other things

Infected by possibly Adware?

Infected by something not sure what

infected by spyware which makes windows crash when shutting down

Infected Computer - No Firewall or Internet Access

infected maybe

Infected Security Software Problems

Infected W/ Really Slow Performance.please Help

Infected with advanced anti-virus scanner and possibly others

Infected with System Security

infected with [possible] hardware virus

Infected with a Nasty Malware (Not sure which one)

Infected with a virus but cant work out which one

Infected with a virus or a malware

Infected with a virus that makes me buy security

Infected With A Virust Burst Program

Infected with a virus called melissa storm?

Infected with Gadcom.exe and other potential spyware issues

Infected With Generic | Spyware

Infected with many different things casing redirects and slow PC

Infected With Many Viruses

Infected with Personal security

Infected with Porn.pop Trojan

Infected With Possible Spyware

Infected With Some Virus- No clue what though

infected with something affecting internet

Infected with spyware

Infected With Spywad

Infected with Spyware winsecurityupdate

Infected With Spywares

Infected with Trojan issues for a few weeks now

Infected with virus not picked up by MalwareBytes

Infected With Virus. Pc And Internet Start Ok But Then Begin To Run Really Slow

Infected With Virusprotect

Infected.(slow internet)

Infected? or other error

Infected? System bogged down

Infection causing slow down

Infection that slow down my internet connection

Infection? Take a look at my logs Pls.

Internet Disabled - posibly by virus

Internet Running Slow - Possible infection

Internet Security 2014 infection

Invalid Password - Infected by Keylogger Virus

How can I see the exact date a virus/trojan infected my computer?

I am infected need help please.

I Suspect A Virus


I Think I Have A Virus But I Don't Know What Sort

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